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  Getting Started

The After 5 Startup eCourse is your action plan to jump-starting or redeveloping your business idea. We all need a little motivation or accountability to make sure we are working towards our goals. I created the After 5 Startup eCourse because I struggled in the beginning of my journey of entrepreneurship. I am successful today because business mentors and friends gave me guidance and examples of what steps it took to become a successful entrepreneur.

After many years of working one on one with my clients, I realized that there are basic foundation steps that every business owner must complete. No matter what industry you are in these basic steps can help you develop a strong and successful business. This eCourse is an example of all the things I have used and helped my clients with over the years.

Unfortunately, I can give you all the tools but there is no magic formula to success as a business owner. (Believe me I am still searching for it) Many of you will take this information, complete the plan and stick it somewhere on your shelf. I encourage you to not just complete the assignments but to push yourself beyond your “self-created" limits and work hard toward your goals. Remember I am here with you as you complete the course. Office hours are available as well as opportunities to schedule time with me if needed.


  • To provide you with the necessary tools to create an action plan for your business
  • Apply basic principles of successful business ownership
  • To give you learning material through video, group forums and webinars
  • Push you beyond your limits to develop both professional and personal skills
  • Identify obstacles that are holding you back from your dreams
  • Help you draft your business plan


  • Watch/read the modules
  • Participate in group forums, webinars or one on one consulting sessions
  • Complete the with module assignments
  • Submit module assignments to
  • Do not give up
  • Maintain a winning attitude

Course Syllabus:

Below is the course outline:



Module 1

Developing an EntrepreneuHER Mindset

Module 2

Discovering Your After 5

Module 3

Understanding Your Market

Module 4

Creating Your Rock Star Brand

Module 5

Setting Up for Success

Module 6

Mid Course Recap

Module 7

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Module 8

Systems for Your Business

Module 9

Launch & Sell Your Butt Off

Module Assignments:

Each module has assignments that will allow you to develop your business ideas and give you the opportunity to add to your business success. Even though this is a self paced program that does not mean you need to go at snail speed. Remember you signed up for this course because you needed a push and motivation to get it done. So set a goal and stick with it each week to get these modules completed.

Assignments are found within each corresponding lecture as well as in the module assignment section. Several assignments are requested to be submitted for review. Please submit the requested assignments via email to

Final Thoughts

The After 5 Startup eCourse is not intended to give you busy work but to develop your business ideas. It is important that you set aside time each week to read/watch the weekly material, participate in group forums or virtual meetings and complete your assignments. To help get you started I have provided a list of 43 business ideas you can start right away. Use this list as a guide if you are unable to decide on a business to start {to save click on the printer icon of the document in the top right corner}. I have also provided the After 5 Startup Launch Checklist. We will walk through these steps one by one throughout the course. I am super excited to help you through this journey of entrepreneurship. Now get ready to walk in your destiny and launch your After 5.

43 Business Ideas.pdf